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The purpose of this study is to evaluate clinicians' perception of treatment and lived experience of occupational therapists treating clients diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The two identified treatment variables will be medication and sensory-based therapy and their relation to emotional regulation.


This study uses a mixed method, correlational design and data will be collected using an online Google Forms platform. Participants include licensed and registered occupational therapists who are currently treating individuals diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The survey was written to branch to relevant questions based on participants' answers. This branching method allows us to collect perception of treatment and lived-experience from clinicians through open ended questions, contributing to the qualitative portion of our study. Multiple choice questions were used to contribute to the quantitative portion of this study.


Data collection is in progress and data will be included as part of the poster presentation Contribution to Discipline It is intended that upon completion of this study, results will aid occupational therapists in determining what combination of treatment is perceived most successful in emotional regulation in patients diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Professional Writing We anticipate submitting this research to a peer-reviewed journal.