Submissions from 2017


Social Context-Dependent Activity in Marmoset Frontal Cortex Populations during Natural Conversations, Samuel U. Nummela, Vladimir Jovanovic, Lisa de la Mothe, and Cory T. Miller

Submissions from 2015


Responses of primate frontal cortex neurons during natural vocal communication, Cory T. Miller, A. Wren Thomas, Samuel U. Nummela, and Lisa A. de la Mothe

Submissions from 2014


Feedforward and feedback projections of caudal belt and parabelt areas of auditory cortex: refining the hierarchical model, Troy A. Hackett, Lisa A. de la Mothe, Corrie R. Camalier, Arnaud Falchier, Peter Lakatos, Yoshinao Kajikawa, and Charles E. Schroeder