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The PEEP Curriculum for youth is one of the major outcomes associated with a USDA-AFRI project to develop a research-based educational program comprised of consumer-focused, impactful messages addressing poultry and egg safety practices. The six peer-reviewed lesson plans and objectives herein were developed directly from the research associated with this project.

The lesson plans are complete with requisite background information, objectives, activities, videos, and evaluation tools. The lessons can be integrated into standing or special 4-H programs related to poultry, STEM, and health and food science. The lessons can also be integrated into school-based agricultural education programs, specifically in pathways related to animal science, food science, or biotechnology. The lessons may also be used by homeschool families or others seeking to introduce food safety in a way that is backed by science and not sensationalized reports in the media.

Lesson Plan One Wash Your Hands.pdf (1080 kB)
Lesson 1 PDF

Lesson One - Wash Your Hands Leave No Germ Behind.pptx (460 kB)
Lesson 1 Power Point

Lesson Plan Two Clean It Make It Safe.pdf (1028 kB)
Lesson 2 PDF

Lesson Two - Clean It Make It Safe.pptx (325 kB)
Lesson 2 Power Point

Lesson Three Grocery Store Safety.pdf (919 kB)
Lesson 3 PDF

Lesson Three - Grocery Store Safety.pptx (548 kB)
Lesson 3 Power Point

Lesson Four Store It Right.pdf (1051 kB)
Lesson 4 PDF

Lesson Four - Store It Right.pptx (422 kB)
Lesson 4 Power Point

Lesson Five Thawing and Cooking Safety.pdf (988 kB)
Lesson 5 PDF

Lesson Five - Thawing and Cooking Safety.pptx (425 kB)
Lesson 5 Power Point

Lesson Plan Six All About Eggs Rev.pdf (1094 kB)
Lesson 6 PDF

Lesson Six - All About Eggs.pptx (425 kB)
Lesson 6 Power Point