History of correctional education in the adult penal institutions of the state of Tennessee

Linda Rita Fenderson-Doss, Tennessee State University


This research focused on the historical events that shaped the forming of correctional education in the adult penal system of the State of Tennessee. The author starts with an overview of how crime was addressed from the time of Hammurabi until the formation of America. From there, the author chronicles events and people in the many states who started education programs and continued them in the face of public disagreement and official disinterest. The Review of the Literature addresses correctional education as a rehabilitative force. Its acceptance and nonacceptance as a research variable in the rehabilitative field is explored. The research then focuses on the State of Tennessee and how the legislative bodies from the early eighteenth century to 1997 passed various bills which greatly influenced correctional education. The study recommends that research be done in the following areas: (1) teaching methodology in a correctional setting; (2) the inmate as a learner/student; (3) curriculum planning and implementation; (4) recidivism rates for academic and vocational graduates; and (5) job placement assistance for vocational graduates upon their release from the institution.

Subject Area

Adult education|Continuing education|Education history|Criminology

Recommended Citation

Linda Rita Fenderson-Doss, "History of correctional education in the adult penal institutions of the state of Tennessee" (1999). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI9943846.