Perceptions of administrators regarding English as the official language of the United States

Kirmanj Gundi, Tennessee State University


The purpose of the study was to address the issue of an official national language for the United States and to determine how administrators felt about it. The study assessed the perceptions of administrators at different level of administration with different education and cultural backgrounds. The sample was selected from all elementary, middle, and high schools in Metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County Public School System. The sample was composed of 226 individuals. The participants were matched as closely as possible on five variables: age, gender, ethnicity, educational level and political affiliation. The instrument used in the survey was designed to measure the related perceptions of those in the study. The survey included likert scale responses. The responses were ranked and treated with the chi square analysis of variance technique to determine whether significant statistical differences at the.05 level existed among and between the responses of those within the target group. Analyses of the data were summarized using descriptive statistics for calculation and interpretation. The statistics were generated by using chi square. The chi square is an ordinary nonparametric measure that is employed when the data are in nominal form. This test is an instrument of responding questions about relationship based on frequencies of observations in categories, with hypotheses, H$\sb0$: the populations are the same with respect to the variable of classification, against H$\sb1$: the populations are not the same. The chi square allows the comparison of two attributes in a sample of data to determine if there is any association between them. The chi square indicates if P-value falls below.05, then the null hypothesis is rejected. The test started by ranking from strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree, and no opinion. The average ranks of every group were then computed to determine whether they differed significantly when variable comparisons and analyses were executed. Through ranking, the impact of any skewness or outliers in the data was remarkably diminished.

Subject Area

School administration|Political science|American studies

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Kirmanj Gundi, "Perceptions of administrators regarding English as the official language of the United States" (1998). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI9907846.