Principals' perception of the effects of multicultural education on student self-esteem and interpersonal relationships

Rodney F Knox, Tennessee State University


Principals Perception of Multiculture Education is a descriptive study which attempted to identify The Nashville Davidson County Public Middle Schools Principals perceptions about the effects of Multiculture Education on students self-esteem and interpersonal relations. There were thirty-three middle school principals in the targeted population for this investigation. The instrument used in the study was a likert scale questionnaire constructed by the researcher. This instrument was field tested for content validity prior study execution in the Nashville Davidson County Middle Schools, in Tennessee. The instrument contained twenty items. The first section of the questionnaire requested demographic data. The second part was designed to assess principals opinions and perceptions of Multiculture Educations effect on Interpersonal Relations and Related Self-Concept effects on student academic performance. The investigation was organized around five Null Hypotheses. The Chi Square procedure was employed to analyze collected data and significance was determined and rejected at the.05 level, or better. Three of the null hypotheses were soundly rejected, at the.001 level, while two were accepted. There was a significant difference in the responses of white women and minority principal perceptions of the effects of multiculture education on students self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. White females and blacks highly supported the need, value and effects of multi-cultural educational efforts, while white males were less supportive.

Subject Area

Bilingual education|Multicultural education|School administration|Educational psychology

Recommended Citation

Rodney F Knox, "Principals' perception of the effects of multicultural education on student self-esteem and interpersonal relationships" (1997). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI9806341.