A survey of the administrative uses of computers by superintendents in the state of Tennessee

Carl Winston Owens, Tennessee State University


Data were gathered from superintendents through a questionnaire concerning the use of the computer for administrative purposes in the state of Tennessee. The questionnaire contained demographic data, broad administrative uses of computers, training acquired by superintendents, training desired by superintendents, and limiting factors in the use and application of computers for administrative purposes. The findings of this study revealed that all of the respondents to the survey were currently using the computer to perform at least some administrative tasks and that the predominant type of computer used was the Apple II. The findings also revealed that the categories of highest use of computers by superintendents were: keeping a record of attendance, financial management, keeping records for special education students, word processing, student scheduling, and keeping federal and state report records. In the area of training, more than 50 percent of the superintendents had received some training in the use of computers and the highest percentage indicated they had been self-taught in its use. Only one-third of the superintendents indicated they would be required to obtain training in the use of computers. The average number of computers needed to perform administrative purposes was twelve. The majority of superintendents expressed interest in learning to use the computer to perform such tasks as management of district records, student scheduling, word processing tasks, management of grade reporting, and management of student attendance records. A similar proportion of superintendents also identified lack of adequate training as the major limiting factor in the administrative use of computers. Recommendations included addressing the problem of adequate computer training, speeding up the timetable at which superintendents would consider themselves computer literate in the performance of administrative tasks, and further study of administrative uses of computers by principals, supervisors of instruction, and other individuals involved in the education of the student population in the state of Tennessee.

Subject Area

School administration

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Carl Winston Owens, "A survey of the administrative uses of computers by superintendents in the state of Tennessee" (1989). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI9017226.