A study of non-public school regulations in each of the United States and the development of a model for the state of Tennessee

Harry Delano Middleton, Tennessee State University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the rules, regulations and requirements of non-public schools in each state of the United States. Along with the regulations some states provide for children to be sent to alternatives to the public funded schools and allow exemptions. The various requirements, based on information received from the 50 states, were reported as to the number of states emphasizing each requirement. These required elements were then compiled in a survey instrument. The survey instrument was distributed to a selected panel of experts in the field of education. The make-up of the panel of experts presented a proper balance representative of the entire spectrum of the education system as we know it today. Four members; Dr. Elbert Brooks, Dr. Dan Tollett, Dr. Robert McElrath, and Dr. Brent Poulton represented the public education schools (K-12). Four members of the panel represented private education; Dr. Inge Smith represented the independent private schools, Dr. Charles Walker represented the Fundamentalist Christian Academies, Mr. Steve Hammond represented the Catholic school population, and Mr. Clayborn Thornton represented the home schools. The remaining two panelists represented Higher Education, both public and private. Dr. Carl Stedman was the public school representative and Dr. Thomas Whitfield was the private school representative. The response of the panel to the survey instrument, revealed that some of the requirements should be emphasized while others with equal importance should not be required. The panel responded that every non-public school situation should be required to comply with required health, fire and safety regulations as well as keep adequate cumulative records for each student enrolled. The panel responded very strongly against such requirements as the student not being related to the instructor and parents being required to submit a letter stating their reason for withdrawing their children from public school being for religious beliefs.

Subject Area

School administration

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Harry Delano Middleton, "A study of non-public school regulations in each of the United States and the development of a model for the state of Tennessee" (1985). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI8802603.