The Study of Success of Individuals with Exceptional Needs in Tennessee Virtual Academy in Grades 5-8

Nichole Vernon, Tennessee State University


The purpose of this study was to examine the success of students in Exceptional Education in Tennessee Virtual Academy. Students participating in this study are in grades 5-8, have a diagnosis of Specific Learning Disabilities, residents of Tennessee, currently enrolled in Tennessee Virtual Academy, and received Exceptional Education services. Data was collected from the EdPerformance Series Assessment, an adaptive assessment given to students when they enroll in Tennessee Virtual Academy to provide school personnel with information regarding the students' current level of performance. Students are required to take this assessment twice within the school year to measure growth in the virtual learning environment. Students' scores were analyzed along with their grade, gender, location, and hours of service. The results of this study indicated that eighth graders diagnosed with Specific Learning Disabilities were likely to be significantly successful in the virtual learning environment; Λ=.183, X2 (6, N=115) =188.29, p<.001. The future studies should focus on howthe brick and mortar school setting and the virtual learning environment are similar or intertwined, how students' attitudes play a crucial role in their success in the virtual learning environment, project-based learning in brick and mortar settings versus virtual learning environment, and how parents' education is a contributing factor in students' progress in the virtual learning environment.

Subject Area

Educational psychology|Special education

Recommended Citation

Nichole Vernon, "The Study of Success of Individuals with Exceptional Needs in Tennessee Virtual Academy in Grades 5-8" (2013). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3611440.