Black Male High School Dropouts: Six Perspectives

Treva D Hereford, Tennessee State University


This is a phenomenological qualitative study utilizing in-depth interviews of six African American males to identify the reasons why they chose to drop out of high school. The researcher used the critical race theory as a theoretical framework and sought to identify if race and/or racism was among the reasons for dropping out. The participants tell their life experiences in relation to school and home, revealing the challenges they had to face and what led to them dropping out of high school. The findings of this study revealed that lack of interests and motivation, lack of parental involvement in school, low grades, family dysfunction, suspension and expulsion, and incarceration due to criminal activities were identified as reasons that led to these six males dropping out of high school.

Subject Area

Secondary education

Recommended Citation

Treva D Hereford, "Black Male High School Dropouts: Six Perspectives" (2012). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3591079.