Physathlon™ events and training fitness/wellness efforts

William G Shipley, Tennessee State University


A Physathlon™ event/fitness contest was held beginning in 1982 that sought to develop a balance between varied cardiovascular exercise for speed and endurance. Later a triathlon per se with freestyle exercise and weight resistance exercise, and now an optional balance movement has been added. Since its initiation and training for such events and high level varied movement "distributive" exercise for injury prevention, sports, and overall fitness. As well, later work considers the balance of curriculum in allied health, medicine, wellness/fitness, recreation, and health education knowledge base with activity, nutrition, and progressive movement. A historical consideration of Physathlon™ events and training with triathlon was done for its past and also past to present ramifications. Different age levels were considered with the 18 to 40 ear age group being considered for this study. A qualitative study of two sessions involving six professionals who had been working in the field, or are academicians, and a new graduate considered important questions that were answered on a rotating basis among these panelists. For the sessions on April 9 and 11, 2012 two moderators asked questions with the researcher assisting for clarification and trends and levels of agreement were examined with possible implications to have more involvement in different activity. Related topics were discussed over two days with panelists invited to submit a question concerning the balance between exercises and activities for involvement, compliance, and how curriculum should handle the infusion of healthy lifestyles (substance abuse prevention), combination/concurrent exercise programs, possibly contests and even contraindicated exercise movement. The amount of training ought to be considered with safeguards. The questions and transcriptions helped to show how an interdisciplinary group could assess issues of move appropriate exercise. Various options of movement, society advancement, and inclusion were aired by the panelists to keep people with the 18 to 40 year age group susceptible to staying healthy. This forum may develop varied ones with professionals and consumers with various backgrounds.

Subject Area

Physical education|Health education|Curriculum development

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William G Shipley, "Physathlon™ events and training fitness/wellness efforts" (2013). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3587658.