A mixed methods study of service learning in a public high school

Ann Stewart, Tennessee State University


The ability to provide students with authentic learning opportunities in secondary education is diminishing due to the emphasis on standardized testing. However, the use of service learning in classrooms has been demonstrated through a variety of qualitative studies to provide enriched learning environments for students on multiple occasions. This study provides both quantitative and qualitative data demonstrating the effects of service learning in one classroom for a single unit on the topic of economics. The results of this study revealed that students involved in the service-learning project gained as much economic literacy as the control group while also gaining 21st century skills such as teamwork, time management, project management, and communication.

Subject Area

Pedagogy|Secondary education

Recommended Citation

Ann Stewart, "A mixed methods study of service learning in a public high school" (2013). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3587504.