Distributed control methodology for cooperation of systems of systems

Charles D McCurry, Tennessee State University


With the recent advances in technology, control engineers are faced with a new generation of controlled systems. The structure of these systems is very complex and they are expected to perform very advanced and sophisticated tasks. The description of these systems has been termed systems of systems (SOS). The distributed control literature lacks the existence of unified methodology for the design and analysis of control for such systems. This dissertation focused specifically on intelligent control of SOS in regards to cooperation where the systems within a set of systems are aware of each other, share goals and their actions are beneficial to the set. Mathematical formulation using state-space theory was developed to model an SOS. The formulation presented models the dynamics of the systems and is also capable of modeling system state and output connectivity required for cooperation. A decision-making control architecture was developed for implementation of artificial intelligent control techniques on the SOS in a distributed manner. An information exchange algorithm is also presented to provide a connectivity scheme such that the decision-making controllers on each system within the SOS can exchange information relevant to cooperation. Decision making controllers were developed using fuzzy logic reasoning theory in the decision-making process for cooperation. The developments were integrated and benched marked with test scenarios derived from the literature. The significance of the results is the methodology and its ability to model system dynamics and the connectivity of the systems within the SOS. The dissertation work is also significant in consideration of the actual system dynamics during the system development, implementation and testing phases. Finally, the use of fuzzy logic reasoning in the cooperative decision making verifies that artificial intelligent techniques can achieve SOS cooperation and warrant further investigation.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering|Electrical engineering|Systems science

Recommended Citation

Charles D McCurry, "Distributed control methodology for cooperation of systems of systems" (2011). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3486987.