A holistic approach to biology instruction

Artyom V Shneyder, Tennessee State University


The Lubischev holistic approach to instruction was found to be beneficial to secondary school students in the former Soviet Union where it was used to teach languages and math. This study examined whether this holistic approach could be used successfully for biology instruction on the college level. During the spring semester of 2005, a quasi-experimental research design was implemented in two sections of BIOL 1120 (General Biology) to address this issue. The control group experienced traditional instruction. The experimental group experienced holistic instruction using the Lubichev approach. The achievement in both groups was compared using a 1 x 2 ANCOVA procedure. A statistically significant difference (0.028) was found in favor of the group that experienced holistic instruction.

Subject Area

Science education

Recommended Citation

Artyom V Shneyder, "A holistic approach to biology instruction" (2006). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3234214.