Teacher background and acceptability of the Internet as a resource for addressing student learning styles

Nicole M Kendall, Tennessee State University


The Internet can serve as a curriculum resource and instructional tool for addressing students' learning styles. Teachers' technology background (knowledge and skills) and their acceptability (attitudes) towards Internet usage within the schools are an important and often overlooked component of successful curriculum integration of technology. The purpose of this study was to examine the overall impact of teachers' technology background and acceptability of the Internet as a curriculum resource for addressing students' learning styles when all basic technology support, equipment, software, and connectivity have been installed. Participants included 58 teachers from the Lexington City School System comprised of 34 elementary teachers, 13 middle school teachers, and 11 special education teachers. After receiving approval from the Tennessee State University Institutional Review Board and from the officials of Lexington City School, a system-wide distribution of the survey and informed consent form were administered to participants during a professional development day. Teachers were instructed to complete the form on a voluntary basis. Null hypotheses were developed to determine any significant differences regarding the independent variables of: (1) teachers' age, (2) total years of experience, (3) teachers' grade level, and (4) professional development activities as predictors of teachers' background (technology knowledge/skill) and acceptability in utilizing the Internet as a curriculum resource tool. Results indicated that Lexington City Schools teachers' technology background was influenced by their grade levels and the number of professional development technology activities that enhanced their understanding and use of the Internet. Results also indicated that teachers' acceptability (attitudes) was impacted by participants' involvement in professional development technology activities related to the Internet.

Subject Area

Curricula|Teaching|Educational software

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Nicole M Kendall, "Teacher background and acceptability of the Internet as a resource for addressing student learning styles" (2006). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3203847.