A comparison of academic assistance programs provided for student athletes among Division I-A colleges and universities

Elizabeth A Bell, Tennessee State University


This research explores the impact of various academic assistance programs on the scholastic performance and retention of student athletes at division 1-A colleges and universities. The types of academic assistance under examination include study tables, tutoring, and academic advisement protocols. Particular types or combinations of academic assistance programs were identified in the randomly selected sample of 35 division 1-A schools, and items such as student athlete GPA and graduation rates were statistically analyzed to determine their impact on academic success. The research indicates that in their current forms, the academic assistance programs at all institutions surveyed do little if anything to improve the academic success of student athletes, particularly those participating in revenue sports. The graduation rates and academic success of non-revenue sport student athletes were found to be significantly higher than their revenue sport peers. No differences were found in the academic assistance offerings between Carnegie Doctoral/Research-Extensive institutions and those institutions not Carnegie Doctoral/Research-Extensive classified. Additionally, no differences were found in the overall academic success of student athletes at Carnegie Doctoral/Research-Extensive classified versus non-Carnegie Doctoral Research-Extensive classified institutions. The research suggests serious deficiency in the academic success of division 1-A student athletes, and by extension major reexamination of and revisions to the way student athletes are academically assisted, advised, and the oversight and follow-up procedures to ensure that academic assistance is having its desired impact.

Subject Area

Higher education|Recreation

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Elizabeth A Bell, "A comparison of academic assistance programs provided for student athletes among Division I-A colleges and universities" (2005). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3187586.