Planning: A Joint Venture. A training module for school board members

Phillip H White, Tennessee State University


The purpose of this study was to determine if the historical focus of school boards could be changed from management by day-to-day involvement in school operations to governance through policy and planning. This study focused on the effectiveness of Planning: A Joint Venture training module mandated by the Tennessee Board of Education. It sought to determine if school board members became more involved in governance through policy and planning following training. The study employed case study methodology examining six school boards that participated in the training module. Data for the study were collected utilizing interviews with two school board members from each school board, school boards' minutes, and observations of one meeting of each school board. It was concluded that the training module was successful in providing positive answers to the two research questions. The primary focus of the local boards that participated in the planning module moved from involvement in day to-day school operations toward governance through policy and planning. The findings indicated that the training resulted in a changed focus of the school boards from micromanagement to planning with the exception of one school board that was not involved in micromanagement neither before nor after training.

Subject Area

School administration|Adult education|Continuing education

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Phillip H White, "Planning: A Joint Venture. A training module for school board members" (2004). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3158448.