John Paul Eddy, educator, scholar, and international Christian leader in higher education: A biographical study

Stanley D Murphy, Tennessee State University


This is a qualitative, historical, and biographical study of John Paul Eddy. The primary purpose of this research was to discover John Paul Eddy's contributions and influences on higher education. The study constructed a life history of John Paul Eddy by focusing on his career in higher education, by combining biography with oral history, historical research, document analysis and case study research. Data collection and research procedures included participant observations; historical research of published and unpublished materials; and personal interviews with the primary subject of the study and the case study participant. The instrument used in this study was an interview questionnaire adapted from a dissertation originally developed by Dr. James C. Cooke (1994). Data analysis was conducted by organizing the materials simultaneously with the data collection. The qualitative data was organized as it was seen, heard and read in an effort to discover the character of Eddy, the man and the educator (Glesne & Psehkin, 1992). The findings of this study identified six primary themes operating in the life and career in higher education of Dr. John Paul Eddy: (1) Professional involvement in higher education; (2) Professional interests of his career; (3) Educational and professional philosophy; (4) Influence on Christian ministry; (5) Specific contributions to the Dyad Concept in teaching and research; and (6) Personal qualities evinced during his career. There are many attributes necessary to become successful in higher education: strong moral and ethical behavior, genuine love for student development, and the willingness to sacrifice for the good of others. From this study, one learns how a professor and clergyman has given his life to the fullest for important causes in America and overseas as a unique role model and example in higher education and beyond.

Subject Area

Higher education|School administration|Biographies|Education history

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Stanley D Murphy, "John Paul Eddy, educator, scholar, and international Christian leader in higher education: A biographical study" (2004). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3158444.