Rural ethics for rural psychologists

Myrna Karen Kemp Brill, Tennessee State University


The current study is a partial replication of the Pope, Tabachnick, and Keith-Spiegel (1987) study. Ninety-six rural and urban practitioners were given a survey containing the original Pope et al. items plus one additional item regarding confidentiality of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. It was hypothesized the rural practitioners would have a statistically significant difference in the areas of bartering and practicing within one's competency area. Also, it was hypothesized there would be no statistically significant differences in the areas of dual relationships and confidentiality. Analyses were conducted using Analysis of Variance. The findings were no statistically significant differences between urban and rural practitioners on any of the hypotheses.

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Myrna Karen Kemp Brill, "Rural ethics for rural psychologists" (2003). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3107459.