The impact of the utilization of Advantage Learning Systems' technology on students' academic achievement

Beverly Denise Smith, Tennessee State University


Based on the Tennessee Report Card, The TerraNova Comprehensive Assessment for Clarksville/Montgomery County School System's Northeast Middle School revealed a deficit in the 7th grade mathematics achievement scores. The purpose of this study was to identify the impact the utilization of the Learning Information System technology, Accelerated Math, had on mathematics achievement at Northeast Middle School. The study evaluated the Grade Equivalent gains of two hundred fifty seventh grade math students in two separate classroom environments. One group utilized traditional teacher methodologies incorporating the adopted text series; and the second group utilized Accelerated Math technologies with Power Lessons and individualized activities. The results revealed students in the control group, which utilized traditional classroom math methodologies, experienced greater Grade Equivalent gains than those in the group utilizing Accelerated Math. Influencing variables to include gender, ethnicity, retention status, math achievement level, and socioeconomic status were evaluated. Differences were noted in Grade Equivalent gains from each group in terms of the variables gender and ethnicity. Based on the findings of this study, it is recommended a longitudinal study incorporating a larger population and implementing Accelerated Math technologies for a greater breadth of time be completed. The implementation of Accelerated Math technologies, based on this research, requires appropriate preparation of teachers, resources and students before the benefits can be fully achieved.

Subject Area

Educational software|Mathematics education

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Beverly Denise Smith, "The impact of the utilization of Advantage Learning Systems' technology on students' academic achievement" (2002). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3100067.