A study of the impact of mobility on student social adjustment

Margaret Elaine Huffines, Tennessee State University


Social adjustment was studied by investigating disciplinary records of students who moved from one school to another. This study focused on eleventh and twelfth grade students in a previously non-mobile rural community. Saturn Corporation built a large automobile manufacturing facility in the neighboring county resulting in rapid population growth over the past decade. The number of disciplinary referrals reported by the students from the previous school was analyzed with school records of disciplinary referrals after their move. The variables were mobility, gender, company of parental employment, the timing of the move, and the number of times student has moved. There were significant differences in referrals before moves and after moves. The number of moves affected the number of referrals when students had moved four or more times.

Subject Area

Academic guidance counseling|Educational psychology

Recommended Citation

Margaret Elaine Huffines, "A study of the impact of mobility on student social adjustment" (2002). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3088281.