Strategies for Higher Education Employees to Participate in Company Paid Professional Development

Tracey Harris, Tennessee State University


This study underscored the significance of company-paid professional development opportunities for higher education clerical support staff working in higher education facilities. Professional development constitutes an essential mechanism of continual education. It also facilitates the acquisition of innovative knowledge, an enhanced skill set, and a positive attitude towards improving job performance and career advancement. Regrettably, many clerical support staff within this field of higher education have neglected such opportunities. The reasons have been due to time constraints, lack of accessibility and comprehension, and no realization of the valuable impact on their lives. This research probed into the demand for professional development among higher education clerical support staff and proposed strategies for amplifying participation. A mixed-methods approach comprised of a survey and open-ended questions was employed to gather perspectives from higher education clerical support staff at a Southeastern HBCU. The results highlighted the benefits and challenges that led to the lack of participation, as well as offered constructive recommendations for the institution to use to stimulate increased participation and more engagement in professional development opportunities. By addressing the barriers faced, this study endorsed a culture of perpetual learning and development, the findings of which could assist other institutions to offer customized and strategic professional development activities. It is hoped that the findings contribute not only to the success of the individual institution but also to the broader higher education community.

Subject Area

Higher education|Education|Higher Education Administration

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Tracey Harris, "Strategies for Higher Education Employees to Participate in Company Paid Professional Development" (2023). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI30693833.