Freshman Orientation Faculty’s Role in Academic and Career Alignment at an HBCU

Antoinette Hargrove Duke, Tennessee State University


Freshman orientation programs are essential in facilitating the successful transition of high school students to college. At Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), these programs have become essential for supporting and advising students as they begin their academic journey. However, the extent to which faculty members of freshman orientation actively align students' academic goals with their chosen career pathways is a significant concern. This mixed-method study investigated the role of freshman orientation faculty in aiding first-year students’ academic and career alignment at an HBCU. Research revealed a gap in faculty preparedness to guide students in aligning their educational and professional goals. The purpose of the study was to assess the faculty effectiveness in freshman orientation and identify gaps in their knowledge, preparation, and training. Employing a mixed-method exploratory design, quantitative data were collected through Likert scale surveys and qualitatively through focus groups. The research questions sought to refine the study’s purpose, offering a focused investigation into faculty preparedness and its impact on students. This study holds significance for various stakeholders, including students, faculty, administrators, industry professionals, and policymakers. The findings demonstrated the need to develop a curriculum for freshman orientation programs and create policies emphasizing faculty training, support and innovative teaching strategies, and peer mentorship opportunities. The findings will help confirm the trends observed in this study and gain a deeper understanding of faculty perceptions and challenges. This, in turn, will contribute to improved academic and professional outcomes for students and positively impact their overall success.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Education|Educational administration

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Antoinette Hargrove Duke, "Freshman Orientation Faculty’s Role in Academic and Career Alignment at an HBCU" (2023). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI30693663.