Teaching Percussionists in a Mixed Instrument Beginning Band Setting: Method Book Supplement

Ayona’ P Reeves, Tennessee State University


The purpose of this project is to improve music instruction for middle school beginning percussion students in a mixed instrument band setting by using instructional materials and video training. A secondary purpose of the project was to investigate the different instruction given to percussion students in comparison to other students in a mixed instrument band setting. In a classroom with usually just one teacher present, the project addresses the problem of delivering equal instruction across a variety of instruments. In order to give students a solid foundation in percussion instruments and their common elements, the project investigates the development of additional materials focused on improving percussion skills. This project is important because it acknowledges the differences that can occur when percussionists receive less instruction and attention due to their broad instrument group. This project also strives to create additional resources and methods of instruction techniques percussionists receive due to the diversity of their instruments. This project also emphasizes how critical it is to encourage a passion for music that lasts a lifetime and to provide aspiring percussionists with the tools they need to pursue their musical dreams.

Subject Area

Education|Music education|Music

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Ayona’ P Reeves, "Teaching Percussionists in a Mixed Instrument Beginning Band Setting: Method Book Supplement" (2023). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI30693569.