Consistency of Instructional Coaching: Does It Impact Student Achievement?

Jennifer Nicole Durbin, Tennessee State University


Instructional coaching has been associated with increased student achievement therefore much research has been devoted to the components of effective instructional coaching. Although some of the literature implies a need for consistency in instructional coaching, no research had been done to determine if student achievement was impacted by the consistency of an instructional coach. Therefore, a quantitative causal comparative study was conducted to compare teachers who had a consistent instructional coach with teachers who had an inconsistent instructional coach, and teachers who had no instructional coach in terms of ELA student achievement scores of third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers in a school district in the southeast. The conceptual framework of this study demonstrated how a consistent instructional coach leads to greater teacher efficacy and student achievement but was debunked based on the findings. Convenience sampling was used to obtain participants who were categorized into three groups based on the independent variable. The one-way ANOVA results of some of the models examined in this study showed statistically significant differences among teachers who were consistently coached, inconsistently coached, and not coached. However, the model measuring change in teacher classroom averages over a two-year period did not have statistically significant differences (p = .54). Therefore, the differences in instructional coaching practices should be examined to determine areas which improve student achievement. These findings provide school leaders with information that may help in decision making about retainment, promotion, and the transferring of instructional coaches.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Elementary education|Instructional Design|Statistics

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Jennifer Nicole Durbin, "Consistency of Instructional Coaching: Does It Impact Student Achievement?" (2023). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI30691630.