The relationship between teachers' demographics and their perceptions of job satisfaction

Helen Higginson Fussell, Tennessee State University


This study investigated the perceptions of job satisfaction among teachers to determine if differences existed based upon certain personal and educational descriptors. The relationships between job satisfaction and the factors of teachers' experience, number of years with the principal, gender, highest degree attained, and grade level taught were analyzed. Additionally, this research determined which identifiable areas of the teaching profession, as measured by the nine subscales of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Teacher Satisfaction Survey, had the greatest impact on teachers. 304 certified full time teachers in grades Kindergarten through twelve were surveyed. Eleven different public schools in two different school districts were represented. The most important components that contributed to job satisfaction based on the nine subscales of the NASSP Teacher Satisfaction Survey were; parental and community involvement, opportunities for advancement, administration, compensation, student responsibility and discipline, and communication. Male teachers were more dissatisfied than female teachers with parental involvement and community support. Teachers with advanced degrees were more dissatisfied with opportunities for advancement than teachers with Bachelor degrees. High school teachers were the least satisfied group with regard to administrative support, encouragement, and recognition. All the teachers in the study were dissatisfied with compensation, but teachers who were in the “Other” group were the least dissatisfied. Junior high and high school teachers were more dissatisfied with student discipline and responsibility than Kindergarten through sixth, special education, and other teachers. High school teachers were the least satisfied with communication from the administration and central office.

Subject Area

School administration

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Helen Higginson Fussell, "The relationship between teachers' demographics and their perceptions of job satisfaction" (2002). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3061774.