Employment practices in the public schools

David Carl Davis, Tennessee State University


The purpose of this research was to determine if the Ventures for Excellence Interview (VEI) system is a good predictor of teacher excellence. Ventures for Excellence is a structured interview process reported to enable employers to select teachers of excellence. Data were gathered for each teacher included in the study by collecting scores from the Ventures for Excellence Interview, teacher impact scores as determined by the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System, gender, race, education, and total years of teaching experience. Comparisons of means using ANOVA with Tukey's Honestly Significant Difference (HSD) post-hoc statistics and independent samples t-tests were used to ascertain whether there exist significant differences with average improvement scores based upon demographic variables and Ventures scores. Bivariate correlation analysis was conducted to ascertain whether there were associations between improvement scores and the independent variables. Finally, a regression model was produced to investigate the predictive nature of the independent variables in improvement scores. The population consisted of fifty-one (51) elementary teachers, forty-one (41) female and ten (10) male. This included all teachers in Williamson County Schools who had been hired since implementation of the Ventures for Excellence system in 1977 and who also had value-added scores. Because the sample size was so small and there were issues of incomplete information, TVAAS was considered as a composite variable and was broken down into its five component. It appears from this study that there is little association between Ventures for Excellence scores and Tennessee Value-Added scores.

Subject Area

School administration

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David Carl Davis, "Employment practices in the public schools" (2001). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3061751.