Are alternative schools meeting or exceeding their purpose?

Michael Earl Booker, Tennessee State University


A study was made to determine if alternative schools were meeting or exceeding their purpose. The study centered around the faculty and administrators of alternative learning centers and schools that housed alternative programs within the Nashville Metropolitan Davidson County Public School System. A summary was made to give a general overview of how alternative education is faring and what should be done for it to be successful. Alternative schools offer a quality second chance education to young people who have been removed from the regular school system and provides them with the opportunity to develop, academic, personal, social, and community skills in order to assist them in becoming positive, contributing members of society. The mission of alternative schools/programs is to ensure the teaching of an effective curriculum so that students can attain the knowledge and skills to become productive citizens. The concept that all children have the potential to make a valuable contribution to society is one that alternative schools encompass. Through the unified efforts of school, family, and community, Alternative schools attempt to provide a supportive environment which encourages success through learning. One of the primary focal points of alternative schools and programs is to empower each student with skills and the knowledge necessary to enhance being a critical thinker and lifelong learner; who is committed to pursuing his/her goals and contributing to the technologically advancing global community through a rigorous, diverse, student-centered curriculum in a safe environment facilitated by a caring, dedicated staff. Meeting the educational needs of the students, regardless of age, background, or educational level. Eighteen questions were established as guides for research in this study. They requested responses from people who are involved directly or indirectly with alternative schools or alternative educational programs.

Subject Area

School administration|Curricula|Teaching

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Michael Earl Booker, "Are alternative schools meeting or exceeding their purpose?" (1999). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3007595.