Predictors of second language GPA

Julia A Tirres, Tennessee State University


The purpose of this study was to find variables that can predict the GPA in second language Courses. The study involved 551 students from the Class of 1998 in two Middle Tennessee rural schools. A stepwise multiple regression was performed to determine which of the seven variables (L1 GPA, L2 GPA, Verbal ACT Score, SAT Verbal Score, Gender, Race, and School Name) was a significant predictor. Findings from the study revealed that L1 GPA and Verbal ACT Score were significant predictors at a p < .0004 level of significance, and School was a significant predictor at a p < .001 level of significance.

Because the study presented significant results, the researcher recommended several options for educators to follow. In the pursuit of a more generalized population, it was recommended that a private and an urban school could be included in a future study. In order to augment the practice of second language education, it is also recommended that practitioners be trained to recognize linguistic deficiencies in the students they teach.

Subject Area

Linguistics|Language|Language arts

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Julia A Tirres, "Predictors of second language GPA" (2001). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3007573.