Culture and Tennessee value -added assessment data utilization in two elementary schools

Marla Jeffers Smith, Tennessee State University


This qualitative study investigated school culture and Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System test scores in two elementary schools in Tennessee. The review of literature found little research linking school culture and academic achievement, but the review does suggest a relationship between the two. The study used interviews with a random sample of teachers, parents and classified personnel to collect data on each school's culture. Random samples of teachers were used to collect data on state-mandated test score use. The findings about school culture are that school culture does influence academic achievement, and that the principal's leadership style has an impact on school culture. The findings are that teachers using a variety of teaching strategies have higher state-mandated test scores than those who use traditional drill for skill methods.

Subject Area

School administration|Elementary education

Recommended Citation

Marla Jeffers Smith, "Culture and Tennessee value -added assessment data utilization in two elementary schools" (2001). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3007571.