A study of mathematics teaching and learning in selected Eritrean secondary schools

Adney E. Cross, Tennessee State University


This research is a descriptive study of mathematics teaching and learning in six eleventh grade classrooms in three different secondary schools in Asmara, the capital and largest city of Eritrea in the Horn of Africa. The observations for this study were done between 1998 and 2000. The study compares the current practices of mathematics teaching and learning with current research. Both those practices consistent with as well as those incompatible with current research are examined. Areas of exploration include theory, curriculum matters, the spiral curriculum, mathematics for all, conceptualization, confidence, problem solving, cooperative learning, skills, manipulatives, verbalization, and assessment. Moreover, this study gives a description of the expectations and demeanor that are implicit in a typical Eritrean secondary school mathematics classroom. The study found that the skills, knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment of Eritrean secondary school mathematics teachers is strong and should be used as a foundation for further improvements. The study enumerates several recommendations to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics in Eritrean secondary schools.

Subject Area

Mathematics education|Secondary education|Curricula|Teaching

Recommended Citation

Adney E. Cross, "A study of mathematics teaching and learning in selected Eritrean secondary schools" (2001). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI3007558.