A System Engineering Approach in the Analysis of Ionic Liquids Properties

Jonathan Reynolds, Tennessee State University


Room temperature ionic liquids (RTIL) are ionic compounds, comprised of a cation and anion, in the liquid state at temperatures below 100°C. There are estimated 1018 anion and cation combinations, which can create RTILs with unique properties. While the ionic character of RTILs made them attractive in a wide variety of electrochemical applications, their behaviors under electrochemical conditions are not well understood. In this research, we developed a RTIL testbed to investigate how RTILs differ from molecular solvents and electrolytes in electrochemical systems through the study of the effects of their morphology and chemical properties on the electron transfer processes. The test bed is composed of three modules: Electrochemistry, Material characterization, Computational. All modules have been completely developed, verified, and integrated and two of them, i.e., Electrochemistry and Material characterization have been validated in this dissertation. To evaluate the proposed system, experiments were performed on solutions of a redox active species in RTILs. It was found that it is possible to investigate the RTIL's morphology and chemical properties' impact on the electron transfer processes of the solute based on the outcomes and evaluations of tests performed by the RTIL testbed.

Subject Area

Systems science|Computer Engineering

Recommended Citation

Jonathan Reynolds, "A System Engineering Approach in the Analysis of Ionic Liquids Properties" (2022). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI29063573.