Hempseed (Cannabis sativa L.): A Study on Its Phytochemicals and Macromolecules

Sharath Chandra Julakanti, Tennessee State University


Hempseed (Cannabis sativa L.) has been used since ancient times, but its scientific properties and functionalities are under-studied. In this study, Hempseed (Variety Futura 75) was studied for its antioxidant properties, along with extraction, isolation, physicochemical and functional characterization of its macromolecules, namely protein and polysaccharides. Hempseed was evaluated for its total phenolics, flavonoids, cannabinoids, terpenoids, and antioxidant capacities compared to flaxseed. The extraction efficiency of hempseed protein has been improved by introducing ball milling as a pre-treatment. The protein was evaluated for molecular weight distribution, emulsion forming properties and functional properties such as solubility and surface hydrophobicity. The ball-milled protein has shown improved emulsion forming capacity and stability as compared to the conventional extraction method. The hempseed polysaccharides were extracted from defatted hempseed meal after protein extraction. The extraction method of polysaccharides was optimized to obtain a higher yield. The extracted polysaccharides were evaluated for its physical and chemical properties such as molecular weight distribution, size and shape, uronic acid and total sugar contents. Besides, the emulsification properties were also determined to estimate its functional applications. The functional properties of protein such as surface tension, zeta-potential, emulsion stability and droplet size were enhanced due to ball milling pre-treatment. The polysaccharides improved the emulsion stability during freeze-thaw cycles and heat treatment on creaming stability. Hence, it can be concluded that, both hempseed protein and polysaccharides are promising potential food ingredients for applications in various food developments.

Subject Area

Food Science

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Sharath Chandra Julakanti, "Hempseed (Cannabis sativa L.): A Study on Its Phytochemicals and Macromolecules" (2022). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI29061507.