Analysis of Household's Vulnerability of Food Insecurity and Its Including Factors in Tennessee

Tyrell Doss, Tennessee State University


Poverty and food insecurity are two on-going issues in the world today. The objectives of the study were to analyze and prepare a profile of household poverty and food insecurity; and to explore and analyze factors affecting household food insecurity in Tennessee. One of the more neglected areas of consideration within poverty/food insecurity is the concept of childhood poverty/food insecurity. It affects children worldwide, leading to malnutrition and death. The depended variable is the household perception of their food insecurity. Based on literature, we found various factors responsible for household food insecurity. Accordingly, the independent variables for the model include household income, education, number of children, ethnicity, religion etc. Based on the information synthesis under objective 1 & 2, we analyzed policy issues that would help to address to minimize childhood food insecurity and poverty. The income category shows negative and significant results (b=-0.595, p=0.000). Accordingly, increase in income decrease the food household food insecurity. Out of the top ten states, seven of the states belong to the south with highest percentage. The percentages show us that poverty is a huge concern in the South. After analyzing poverty levels by state, we then focused on poverty among Tennessee residents. The county level poverty data were able to identify distribution of poverty across state. They were categorized by education level, age, ethnicity, number of children, annual gross income, government assistance programs, or Tennessee resident/No Tennessee resident. The results from the tables along with their percentages give us a much more specific idea on who is considered food insecure or not. A good policy for policy makers would be creating job related programs. Study findings show that higher income lower the food insecurity. Some community programs that would provide employment opportunity could decrease food insecurity, specifically in Tennessee

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Tyrell Doss, "Analysis of Household's Vulnerability of Food Insecurity and Its Including Factors in Tennessee" (2021). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI28777527.