Challenges Black Women Face with Promotional Opportunities to Executive-Level Administration Positions in an HBCU

Quinetta Bartley, Tennessee State University


This qualitative research study examined the challenges that Black women face at an HBCU when aspiring to be promoted into executive-level administration. The study focused on challenges that were faced in the 19th century and compared them to the challenges that are faced today in the 21st century. The study looked at challenges such as lack of mentoring and training provided, opportunities that are available, relationships that are important to form, and the race and gender that keeps Black women behind. This study was accomplished by obtaining personal perspectives and lived experiences of those currently serving in the roles of executive-level administrators. The overall summary for this study was provided by personal perceptions, insights, and recommendations from participants from a southeastern HBCU. The findings of this study encourage the building of relationships within the community, faculty, and executive-level administrators. Among the major findings, this study indicated that Black women do not receive the mentoring that could be beneficial in obtaining promotions, and neither is the opportunity available to them as is available to men or other races. This study provides implications for Black women in executive-level administration positions that can improve relationships, mentoring and provide more training for arising Black females. This study highlighted important information related to the experiences and challenges of Black women who desire to be promoted to executive-level administrators. One recommendation for further research is to duplicate this research study with target populations that were not represented in this study’s results.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Womens studies|Black studies|Higher Education Administration

Recommended Citation

Quinetta Bartley, "Challenges Black Women Face with Promotional Opportunities to Executive-Level Administration Positions in an HBCU" (2021). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI28413845.