William B. Fielder: An Unsung Master of Trumpet Pedagogy

Jonathon C Neal, Tennessee State University


The contributions and achievements of African Americans in the field of education are diverse and wide-reaching; however, few of those responsible get the credit they truly deserve. William B. Fielder was a man driven with purpose. His tenacity towards the advancement of his skill level and that of his students is something of a marvel in music education. His philosophical approach to trumpet pedagogy is one of a kind and has yet to be repeated in such a way. This study looks to preserve the life of William B. Fielder, his contribution to music education, and the importance of his contributions to trumpet pedagogy. Representation of those that paved the way for us remains an important task in the African American community. Researching the social history of African American musicians may seem like a daunting task, but such a study is necessary and contains tremendous value.

Subject Area

Curriculum development|Music education|Music

Recommended Citation

Jonathon C Neal, "William B. Fielder: An Unsung Master of Trumpet Pedagogy" (2021). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI28413348.