The Music of Turkey: A Four-Class Unit Plan for World Music

Michelene McKinney, Tennessee State University


This project, an outgrowth of the researcher’s Study Abroad experience in the Republic of Turkey, assimilates the principles of ethnomusicology, musical scholarship spanning the Ottoman, Republican, and modern periods in Turkish history, and curriculum planning to present a unit plan in the World Music course for students at Tennessee State University that includes instructional materials and assessment. The Understanding by Design© model shaped the development of the unit via backward mapping. The resulting materials reflect cultural elements of geography and history, as well as urban and rural forms of traditional music, dances, and contemporary popular music. Materials were delivered in a four-class-meeting unit during the Spring semester of 2019. Results from the unit delivery indicated the high engagement of students and their understanding of the cultural context, various musical genres, forms, and the basic elements of music theory. Additional scholarship can provide continuous improvement of the materials and produce a workshop to prepare students to optimize their participation in the Study Abroad course offered at Tennessee State University.

Subject Area

Music education|Multicultural Education

Recommended Citation

Michelene McKinney, "The Music of Turkey: A Four-Class Unit Plan for World Music" (2020). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI28151648.