Help-Seeking When Feeling Suicidal: The Impact of Socioeconomic Status

Erin Carney, Tennessee State University


This qualitative study used interpretative phenomenological analysis to understand the role of socioeconomic status in the help-seeking experience of six individuals who have experienced suicidal thoughts, feelings, or behavior. Using their own words, participants communicated which of their needs were met and unmet when they sought help from professional and nonprofessional resources. Two primary themes were identified: (a) preference for asking for help first from nonprofessionals, and (b) perceived availability of resources. The findings of the current study shed light on the factors that facilitate or interfere with the process of seeking and obtaining help when feeling suicidal.

Subject Area

Mental health|Counseling Psychology|Clinical psychology|Sociology

Recommended Citation

Erin Carney, "Help-Seeking When Feeling Suicidal: The Impact of Socioeconomic Status" (2020). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI28024733.