Black Women's Attitudes Towards Interracial Dating

Jasmine K Jester, Tennessee State University


This study sought to explore the Black woman’s intersecting identities of race and gender and how it may influence or shape their attitudes towards interracial dating. Currently, there is a dearth in research as it pertains to the aforementioned variables and the current study sought to gain an understanding of how race and gender identity and the socialization process of the two relate to participants general attitudes towards interracial dating. Results indicate that there is a significant relationship between gendered racial socialization messages and Black women’s attitudes towards interracial dating. Through this study, researchers provide empirically supported evidence to further understand this subject matter, and provide an informed perspective of how Black women shape their attitudes towards interracial dating.

Subject Area

Psychology|Womens studies|Social research|Black studies|Gender studies|Social psychology

Recommended Citation

Jasmine K Jester, "Black Women's Attitudes Towards Interracial Dating" (2020). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI27834480.