Palladium-Catalyzed Cascade Cross Coupling and Making Polyphenolic Ethers

Houra Alalwan, Tennessee State University


The transformation of simple phenols into a platform of polyphenolic ethereal structure offers an extremely powerful tool in organic synthesis. Phenolic compounds are present in medicinal and edible plants such as, flavonoids, chalcones, coumarins, quinones, phenolic acids. The antioxidant potential of phenolic compounds show potent activities for cancer prevention and its treatment. In light of many reports on the anti-inflammatory properties of phenolic antioxidant, we encourage to explore cross-coupling chemistry and find a one-step cascade synthetic process for the synthesis of various phenolic ether compounds. Herein we report a novel route for phenolic ethers based on a cascade reaction consisting of phenols and trihalo or dihalo compounds. This research work demonstrates the discovery of new method for the synthesis of a series of polyphenolic ethers by a one-step cascade cross coupling. By applying this new method, we were able to synthesize and purify ten polyether compounds with complete 1H NMR , 13C NMR and 19F NMR data. The biological activity of these polyether compounds is of great interest for further investigation in our laboratory.

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Houra Alalwan, "Palladium-Catalyzed Cascade Cross Coupling and Making Polyphenolic Ethers" (2020). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI27833652.