A Composition for Wind Band: Exploring Grade Level Differences in Literature

Bruce V. Ayers, Tennessee State University


This project is an original composition written in Theme and Variations form that applies a wind band grade level rubric from the American Band College Music Grading Chart as a treatment. Music educators, have been involved in extensive work on compiling data to develop grading rubrics to determine appropriate grade level for wind band literature. Particularly the American Band College, as they highlight unique recommendations for music composers when writing music. However, no research appears to have been conducted in the implementation of incorporating different grade levels into one cohesive piece of music. This composition will provide music educators with resources to help further advance their student’s playing abilities in a sequential manner. The motivations for this thesis are: to examine wind band grading charts to determine grade level appropriateness when composing music, to apply these standards to writing a theme and variations, and to compose a theme and variations that applies the finest great chart to each variation.

Subject Area

Music education|Musical composition|Educational tests & measurements

Recommended Citation

Bruce V. Ayers, "A Composition for Wind Band: Exploring Grade Level Differences in Literature" (2019). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI27547124.