Student Perceptions About Sexual Harassment In America

Mohammad Alshamrani, Tennessee State University


For this study, there will be a presentation of data among U.S. states that has the highest and lowest rates of reported sexual harassment or state sex charges that were gathered from the official website of EEOC. There will be a discussion of the state with the highest rate of reported sexual harassments incidents and the state with the lowest rate of reported cases. Also, a survey will be distributed to TSU students to acquire quantitive data related to the hypotheses. Two hypotheses will be examined in this study: 1) Gender will influence the perceptions of TSU students about the effectiveness of sexual harassment laws, and 2) Gender will influence TSU student's perceptions about sexual harassment on the TSU campus.

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Mohammad Alshamrani, "Student Perceptions About Sexual Harassment In America" (2015). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1599442.