Jazz appreciation through early aged educational exposure

Jazmin Deborah Ghent, Tennessee State University


Music is an ever-growing art and is constantly evolving. Though there are hundreds of music genres, Jazz is the only genre born in America. Jazz music influences other popular genres like Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Popular music, and Rock. Due to lack of exposure, many elementary aged students are not familiar with Jazz. This study focused on introducing Jazz music to elementary age students through a one week summer camp. During the camp students learned Jazz instruments, Jazz artists, and Jazz history. The student's perception of Jazz was measured through a pretest and posttest. Each test asked questions about the student's current preference in music and tested the student's familiarity with Jazz music. Upon the close of the camp, it was evident that the students learned and retained a plethora of information. Key indicators that showed the student's perception were the voice recordings, written test results, and student reactions during the camp. The camp had minor areas of improvement, but overall was very successful and age appropriate. It is my hope that this study will be of assistance in the field of music education and to elementary music educators.

Subject Area

Music education

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Jazmin Deborah Ghent, "Jazz appreciation through early aged educational exposure" (2014). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1584998.