Investigations of Anticancer Compounds from Camellia sinensis: Green, Black, and White Tea

Rachel A White, Tennessee State University


Natural compounds have known to treat and cure diseases and ailments since the beginning of time. The incidences of carcinoma cases increasingly grow every year. Since cancer cells and tumors are becoming more multidrug resistant there is a great demand for new and more secondary compounds, which are synthesized from plant and account for more than 50% of anti-cancer compounds. Medical research and clinical trials with Camellia sinensis has revealed various health benefits including positive effects on cholesterol levels, weight loss, and potential anti-cancer properties. My objectives were to screen Camellia sinensis: green, black, and white tea for possible cytotoxic activity against breast and colon carcinoma cell lines, quantify growth inhibition and cell viability. Camellia sinensis: Green, black, and white tea crude extracts were tested against human colon carcinoma cell lines HT-29, Colo-320, and breast carcinoma cell line BT 20. Alamar blue was used to analyze cell viability and toxicity after 48 hours. Camellia sinensis showed the most growth inhibition against all carcinoma cell lines at the maximum concentration of 25μg/ml.

Subject Area

Pharmacology|Alternative Medicine|Oncology

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Rachel A White, "Investigations of Anticancer Compounds from Camellia sinensis: Green, Black, and White Tea" (2014). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1567575.