Development of a general purpose testbed for networked control systems

Timothy Fitzgerald Stratton, Tennessee State University


A testbed is an essential tool for engineering research and development. Networked Control Systems (NCSs) are control systems in which feedback loops are closed by use of communication networks. For such systems, accurate study on behavior of real-world NCSs utilizing real-world networks is difficult or often impossible through software-based computer simulation. This report presents the design and implementation of a NCS testbed and illustrates its utilization by using real-world plants with various wired and wireless networks. We have developed, tested, and implemented a testbed for networked control systems. A custom application layer protocol taking advantage of various communication protocols has been developed in National Instruments LabVIEW to facilitate networked control systems research, allowing users to test, design and implement custom control strategies on the networked control system. Within this report we have developed a conceptual model for the testbed. From this conceptual model, a preliminary design of the testbed took place. We then developed the modules necessary to implement the NCS testbed within LabVIEW. Finally, experimental results are given to validate the testbed.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering|Electrical engineering|Systems science

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Timothy Fitzgerald Stratton, "Development of a general purpose testbed for networked control systems" (2013). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1548030.