Factors influencing the demand for goat meat in Tennessee: Implications for marketing

Damilola Giwa, Tennessee State University


The meat goat industry is the fastest growing animal industry in the United States. Previous studies have considered it to be an infant industry with substantial growth potential. The consumption of goat meat has become increasingly popular in the United States with most of its demand for goat meat coming from the Southeastern region. Data from the United States Department of Agriculture, (2011), showed that Tennessee is ranked second in goat meat production with the total number of 115,000 meat goats as of January 1, 2011. However, the growth in Tennessee's meat goat industry can be attributed to a growth in the U.S. ethnic population and the desire for a healthy diet. Over the past decades, the United States has experienced an influx of diverse ethnic population. These populations have a dietary preference for goat meat. In addition the persistence in maintaining cultural practices has increased the demand for goat meat. Secondary data will be extracted from available publications. Electronic surveys were used in collecting the data reported in this study. The study sample consisted of two hundred and thirty-four adult respondents within the state of Tennessee. Logit and probit models were used to analyze the factors that influence their consumption of goat meat. Results derived from the analyses showed that there is no significant relationship between ethnicity and goat meat consumption. Additionally, price specials were highly significant in the decision to consume goat meat. Consumers who ranked price specials as important were less likely to consume goat meat. Therefore, goat producers and marketers should adopt marketing strategies that will fully exploit the profitability and viability of Tennessee goat meat industry beyond its target population.

Subject Area

Marketing|Animal sciences|Range management

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Damilola Giwa, "Factors influencing the demand for goat meat in Tennessee: Implications for marketing" (2013). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1547305.