Consensus problems in switching systems

Ben Celso, Tennessee State University


This thesis focuses on the basic concepts of Hybrid Switched Systems' functions and regulations; the thesis will also explore on the classes of respective switching namely: state-dependent switching, time-dependent switching, autonomous and controlled switching. While on the other hand tries to facilitate solutions of switched systems by involving ordinary differential equations, Zeno behavior, and sliding modes switching which will investigate stability issues between stable and unstable systems. It will investigate the cases of networks with communication time-delay and channels that have filtering effects, while on the other hand finding a tight upper bound on the maximum fixed time-delay that can be tolerated in the network which is key in reaching consensus. It will also employ the use of Lyapunov function to quantify the total disagreement among the nodes of the network. Finally, the tools for convergence and performance analysis of an agreement protocol for network of integrator agents with directed information flow are provided in this thesis. Further, it will analyze algorithm robustness of the consensus problems for network with mobile nodes and switching topology.

Subject Area

Applied Mathematics|Mathematics

Recommended Citation

Ben Celso, "Consensus problems in switching systems" (2013). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1541408.