A Survey of Noetherian Rings

Shaine Donnie Walker, Tennessee State University


Noetherian Rings have their own unique and distinguishing properties. Emmy Noether, the daughter and sister of Mathematicians, came to study a concentration of Abstract Algebra, Ring Theory, Group Theory, and much more during the 1920's; this finally led her to discovering and proving properties of rings, which would later be named Noetherian Rings in her honor. After spending much time doing research in these subjects she made great finds that paved the way for physicist and crystallographers. Then we will get an in depth look at Noetherian Rings and the distinguished properties they have. Finally, we will look at several different varieties of rings and prove how they are Noetherian.

Subject Area

Applied Mathematics|Mathematics

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Shaine Donnie Walker, "A Survey of Noetherian Rings" (2012). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1510444.