Developing a new assesment tool to enhance overall celebrity ratings for endorsement purposes

Tamira N Rumph, Tennessee State University


Using the Enhanced Q-rating survey to develop an overall rating of a celebrity is a new approach to improve procedures such as the Q-ratings, currently in practice. The Q-rating approach, although valuable to marketers because of its usefulness, receives a lot of criticism, due to the fact it only accounts for the familiarity and likability factors of the celebrity. As a result, these ratings mislead advertisers in selecting their endorsers. With regard to celebrity endorser advertising, the new rating method will take into account the different attributes found to be effective in persuasion with regards to celebrity endorsers in advertising. Some of these attributes include expertise in the product being endorsed, trustworthiness, credibility, attractiveness, familiarity and their ability to be personable (likability). Data for this study was collected from 115 respondents, who were dispensed an online survey via Facebook and Twitter. Of the respondents, 70 were female and 45 were male. The mean age of the participants was 26.76 years. A T-test was used to examine the differences between the Enhanced Q-rating and the Old Q-rating overall scores. A one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was undertaken to investigate the differences between overall Enhanced Q-ratings for each athlete based on the following demographics: ethnicity, socio-economic status, and gender. Likewise, an ANOVA test was also used to investigate differences in overall trait scores based on the noted demographics. Furthermore, a bivariate correlation was used to examine the correlation between age of respondents and overall Enhanced Q-rating for each athlete. Findings indicated a significant difference between the Enhanced Q-rating and Old Q-rating based on gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.

Subject Area

Marketing|Sports Management

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Tamira N Rumph, "Developing a new assesment tool to enhance overall celebrity ratings for endorsement purposes" (2011). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1502739.