On Parameter Variation in Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases: Malaria

Isaac W Lyatuu, Tennessee State University


Mathematical modeling of malaria can be dated back to 1911 from Ross SIR population compartment models and followed by a major extension done by MacDonald in 1957. Recently, there have been a number of modifications to suit different types of scenarios. Of the challenges that faces this type of modeling is the availability, and variations of parameter values. Differences in the type of the parasite involved in the infection, variation of mosquito species, environmental variability and changes in the ecological system, they all bring about disparity in the parameter variation of malaria modeling. It has been discovered that [Koella 1991], the amount of variability in transmission parameters strongly affects the outcome of control measures and that predictions of the outcome can be misleading. This thesis addresses parameter variation in malaria models using ordinary differential equations, (ODE).

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Isaac W Lyatuu, "On Parameter Variation in Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases: Malaria" (2011). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1497839.